4 Ways To Add Same Day Delivery To Your Marketing Strategy

Eddie Liu
3 min readApr 21, 2021

If you’re reading this, that means you stand out in the crowd — you have the ability to offer your customers same-day delivery.

It has been and it always will be Shippie’s mission to enable retailers the ability to offer same-day delivery to their customers. Research has shown that 25% of customers determine an online purchase based on the delivery speed, so it is imperative that they know about yours! Here are some ways you may consider marketing it:

1. Home Page

Nothing like showcasing your delivery speed on your home page grabs your customers attention. Consider having a simple banner on the top of your site that says “Same Day Delivery Available in The GTA” or if you have sliding images, consider including one that shows off your same day delivery policy.

2. Shipping Policy Page

Most customers will be visiting your Shipping Policy page before making the decision to purchase. Normally, you would have the standard delivery times from other couriers you use in this page, such as Canada Post or UPS. But because you now offer same day delivery, it would be appropriate to dedicate a separate section for it. Here is a template you can consider:


SHIPPIE — Same Day Delivery

We have partnered with local delivery startup, Shippie, to offer a free same-day delivery option in some parts of the Greater Toronto Area. If your address qualifies for same-day delivery, this option will automatically appear at checkout. Orders must be placed before 11:30am EST Monday to Friday to qualify and will be delivered before 9:30pm EST that same day. Orders placed after the cut-off time or on weekends will be delivered the following business day. You will receive a text message when your shipment is out for delivery.

Please see the map below for the coverage area.


3. Check Out Page

Your customer finally reaches the check out page, and now they must decide which shipping option to choose from. Research has shown that having same day or next day delivery speed boosts 23% more sales, so it is in your best interest to highlight your ability to offer a fast delivery time. Note, we understand that same day delivery is a premium service at this time, however, it does takes away the affect if you price it significantly above other courier options. By having same day delivery accessible to all your customers, studies show that it also establishes a base of loyal repeat customers (think Amazon) — in the long run, it is a win for everyone! You may consider the check out page such as the one below. Feel free to contact us to help you customize your check out page!

4. Newsletter

Just like our friends over at 3D Printing Canada, you probably also have a list of interested customers who were on the fence but has yet to pull the trigger. This is a great time to hit them up and tell them about your new offering. Knowing that they can get their favourite products the very same day is a great motivation to make the purchase!

Hope these suggestions help! And as always, we look forward to being your courier partner and giving your customers the best delivery experience.